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Since 1910, the name "LUDWIG Schneider" has been synonymous with the highest quality and precision "Made in Germany". Everything starts with the development of high-quality measuring instruments. Today, we are one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-precision temperature, pressure, liquid level, level and flow measurement technology. With the widest product range and our modern certified calibration laboratory, we provide customers with a full range of services that are unique in the industry.

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Precision work since 1910

We achieve high-precision temperature, pressure, liquid level, flow, and level solutions in a wide range of industrial fields, and support our customers to become reliable suppliers, competent consultants and business partners

  • Research and development
  • Energy sector
  • Mineral oil industry
  • Electrical industry
  • engineering
  • Vehicle structure
  • shipbuilding
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Video and beverage industry

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